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    About Us

    Imagine breaking free from the clutches of big commercial banks, keeping more money in your family and business.

    Factum Financial specializes as a leading financial educator on ways to use life insurance for more control and freedom, and Shalaree Lamboy is an Authorized Practitioner in the Infinite Banking Concept.

    Our passion is empowering real estate professionals, business owners, and families to take permanent control of their money.

    We offer hours of free online education, and monthly live classes, designed to give you everything you need to understand and implement the Infinite Banking Concept, so you can enjoy the control and freedom you are looking for in life. Success is built on relationships, and we believe that our financial mentorship is the best in the industry.

    At Factum Financial we teach clients how to harness the full potential of every dollar, recapturing interest costs and payments currently made to someone else. We help families and business owners implement IBC to recycle and recapture their lost dollars, enhance cash reserves, increase financial privacy, and create tax-free legacy dollars so they can opt-out of the perpetual debt cycle the Fed and typical financial planning has put us in.