• Santee Chamber Weekly Update 31AUG23

  • Hello Santee! 


    Our city is the best mix of "big and small" sometimes. We have that big city access with a small town feel. How many of you can't leave the house without seeing someone you know? It's secretly one of my favorite things about Santee. Many of us know each other and our lives overlap in several areas. This is so true for small business. Many of their vendors and clients are also their neighbors, their kids attend the same school, you belong to the same service organization, the list can go on and on. For me, this becomes particularly true with not just small business, but chamber members who also consider themselves a family business. Steve's Plumbing is the perfect example. They are longtime chamber members, live up the street from me, I've taught their daughter in religious education classes at our church, their son went to high school with mine.... see the pattern here? Although most the time time you have the need for a plumber, it may be out of inconvenience, there is something settling about writing that check out to a not just a local business, but a family business. Thank you, Steve and Family, for being there when we need you!