• Weekly Update 26AUG21

  • Hello Santee!
    Yesterday we hosted a free online workshop for businesses who need to comply with state mandates regarding organics recycling. I'm so grateful for our relationship with the City of Santee, their partnering abilities with CalRecycle, and our joint relationship with Waste Management to have us all team up and put on this educational event. Several mandates have come down from a state level over recent years and as we strive to extend the lives of our landfills, so it could be safe to assume there will only be more. The businesses in Santee are lucky, though, in my opinion. They have a longtime relationship to lean on with not just the city, but more directly with Waste Management. 
    For those who live in Santee, you are also customers of Waste Management. Having only been a homeowner here myself since 2012, they are all I've known - but I have zero complaints. After I started working for the Chamber several years ago, I realized not only are they top-notch in customer service, but they are also amazing community partners. Having Kristine Costa on my Board of Directors doesn't hurt either (their local Community and Municipal Manager)! Kristine shows us regularly what it is to lead by example and be the one to take charge in a time where change is needed. Thanks again to WM, I'm sure it's not the last time I'll be saying that. In fact, I owe another "thanks" to the driver in my parents' neighborhood who recently shared some special new toys while my nephews were in town!