• The 2021 Regional Plan Approved

  • Let’s Get There Together: Moving Forward with the 2021 Regional Plan 

    We are proud to announce that today the SANDAG Board of Directors adopted the 2021 Regional Plan and certified the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR). This decision to invest in a modernized transportation system over the next 30 years will serve the entire San Diego region for generations to come.   The vision for the 2021 Regional Plan was developed using a data-driven approach and incorporating public input from community members like you. Your participation in our open houses, public comment periods, and community meetings led us to this moment today – adopting a Plan that truly reflects the values of the San Diego region. Thank you for helping us create a Plan that will transform our transportation network to be faster, fairer, and cleaner than ever before.   “This is a monumental day for the San Diego region," said SANDAG CEO Hasan Ikrahta. “The 2021 Regional Plan creates real transportation options that address today's challenges and build a foundation for tomorrow, ensuring our region is ready for generations to come. We appreciate the community's support and look forward to partnering with you to bring this transformational plan to life".   
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    Read the Final EIR