• Santee Chamber Weekly Update 31DEC20

  • Hello Santee! And GOODBYE 2020!
    I don't have the ability to describe what kind of a year this has been because it has truly impacted people so differently depending on their personal walk of life. To say it has been hard is an understatement, and I feel like often times I am still trying to catch my breath. The Chamber has decided to keep its leadership team intact going into 2021. What does this mean? Our Board of Directors has rotations each year (some leave after terms have been served, some are welcomed on), but next year our Executive Committee will remain the same, with Darcy Fagerwold of Expressions Dance & Movement Center at the helm as our Chair of the Board. 
    This is an exciting opportunity to take our organization forward with the movers and shakers of our business community who have really stepped up in 2020 and shown they have what it takes to lead. They have committed their time, energy and effort not only into their own businesses, but those around them and the Chamber who supports them. I am looking forward to what they can bring into 2021! Additionally, I am so thankful for our Office Manager, Jennae Gonzalez. We have had to furlough staff, reduce hours and contract services we wish we could afford to have onboard fulltime, but through all the changes, Jennae has been a constant support to me and dedicated to helping in whatever capacity I ask. So thankful to be surrounded by good people, ensuring we can handle whatever comes our way next!