• Santee Chamber Weekly Update 30SEP21

  • Hello Santee!
    Yesterday I was invited into Momentum Tutoring for a deeper-dive into what they've been offering our community and primarily, what I've been missing out on! Founder and Executive Director, Terri Bozhor, was an incredible host... She not only spared her time for my visit but also arranged for me to meet one of her mentors, a collaborative partner, an employee, several students and a parent, giving me a well-rounded look at how incredible her business has become and the diversity which helps her accomplish it all.
    It's sometimes hard for me to put into words something that I feel. It's easy to walk away from the meeting with memorized statistics of their past school year and the phenomenal impact they made locally (28 tutors worked, 214 students served, over $77,000 raised for scholarship and innovative instruction... yes, I can continue!). It's much harder to tell you I walked in knowing of their business and walked out wanting to be a part of it somehow.
    I've been exposed to several businesses in town who appear to offer something on the surface yet many fail to see the profound layers of what comes thereafter. Momentum is another prime example of such as their intentional workspace creates a place for kids and teens to not just grow academically, but enhance confidence, build relationships, learn new skills and find joy within their own selves. If you know a student in need of some extra help, let Momentum help build their foundation for success.