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  • Santee Chamber Weekly Update 30JUL20

  • Hello Santee!
    Raise your hand if you feel like some days are … well, out of a twilight zone episode. (Hand Raised)
    It can seem like each passing week is a page out of a Dr. Seuss book.
    “I would not like to meet on Zoom, I much prefer to share a room” 
    Every part of our lives and businesses have been flipped topsey turvey and each day brings a new stress to soak in, a new hurdle overcome, a new opinion to digest… all of which seem to ebb and flow the next 24 hours. I know, for me, I often feel like I’m on Mr. Toads Wild Ride.
    But guess what… We’re doing it! We are making the best of each day and among all the oddness I've seen some sprouts of goodness coming through the soil.
    2 things, among many, I’ve seen change in the midst of this incredibly odd moment in our shared history
    1.Self Care Awareness
    • I remember when “Self Care Sunday” was a thing. But… just 1 day? I’m happy to see more people now embracing this as a daily lifestyle change. A result of necessity, some of us are now doing workouts in our garages, hanging with the kids or dogs more, learning new hobbies or crafts, hiking, biking, running. Or exploring new things like mediation, gardening, and much more home cooking. This all adds up to fill our individual cups with more health and well-being. And gives us the chance be a better service to those around us. This moment in time is teaching us more wholistic ways to be. I think that is going to pay big dividends in our collective futures
    2.Community Bonds
    • Santee has seriously impressed me. I’ve seen, heard, and felt a sense of “we're all going through this together”. I've seen businesses dedicate to sharing and shopping local, property managers allow restaurants to operate outside, teachers support from home, food delivery programs ramp up, City meetings go virtual… the list goes on and on. A global issue has created a reminder to us all that we are so powerful within our local community. Our cohesion and connection fuses with innovation and dedication to keep things alive and moving toward the future with Hope and Promise. It has been remarkable for this guy to see.
    A community that kicks butt is made of individuals that kick butt. If you are like me you’ve asked yourself … How could I set myself in the best direction to support my community
    Here are 3 simple ways you can shift your routine to help show up as your BEST SELF during these times. I practice them myself, and they work.
    1.Hydrate Well
    • Water is literally a miracle hiding in plan sight. And… it’s the most neglected nutrient in our diet. It makes up two-thirds of our body and is key for all of us to thrive. During stressful times we tend to set it to the side, but our nervous system needs it most at those times. Studies show that just a 8% loss in hydration can cause a 40% reduction in the brains ability to do executive function, attention, and healthy emotional response.
    • “You mean you were 40% dumber Greg?” …YUP.
    • The point, simple, Drink more High quality Water. I like the Zero Water Filter. Its cheap, takes out a lot of “junk” and delivers clean fuel to each cell in your body. That’s my jam, and it’s a game changer
    2.Sleep Sound
    • In our culture, like Rodney Dangerfield, sleep gets no respect. With so much changing around us we feel a need to always be ON and tuned IN. This hyper awareness is exhausting to our biology, and we can’t sleep. Sleep IS the Magic Pill we seek. It allows the brain to clean out metabolic waste, the body to repair itself and the nervous system to reset.
    • I've found that sleep is the ONE thing that affects all our functions, biological, cognitive, and emotional. Let’s give sleep center stage and let it make our lives better day by day. A solid Mind-Body-Mood solution
    • I’ve often watch others ask one another “how are you doing?”. It seemed more of a simple greeting. But now, I see more compassion in these phrases. People listening to the response and looking for ways to connect and support. Because we are all going through so much right now. Tensions are thin, anxiety is high, and the stress of the unknown is like a dull aching headache. So why not throw compassion around like confetti! When people are on edge, dose out this good stuff with pride and let the ripples build our community, one empathetic connection at a time.
    • I feel compassion is the ONLY good response to everyone and everything right now.
    I hope you are inspired to make a few tiny shifts in your routine that can help bring out your best YOU.
    Remember, this is a moment in time where we are creating a shared History.
    Let’s act now in a way that, when we look back, will make us proud.
    However that may look to you.
    It’s a pleasure to serve alongside this Chamber.
    Hugs and High Fives, Stay Strong Santee!