• Santee Chamber Weekly Update 25NOV20

  • Hello Santee!
    With a short work-week coming to an end for some today, I thought I'd attempt to keep my message short as well (good luck!). Thanksgiving is clearly a time to show gratitude and I've been seeing so many uplifting posts the past week of what you are all thankful for. In the spirit of the holiday, I'm jumping on the bandwagon! I'm thankful for a lot, but the top of my brain forces me to share what's right there and obvious which is my health, my family and my job. Taking bigger steps towards my physical and mental health (especially since March) has been such a blessing in my life; I feel stronger in so many ways. My family is, like many, my reason. They give purpose and happiness and help me grow, even when I don't want to! And my job... the reason I get to talk to you all and share regularly about the community I know and love. If you aren't doing a job that gives you purpose, you have the wrong job.
    I mentioned last week that I started as a guest on a friend's brand new podcast series called the Santee Update. I am pleased to announce that not only has host John Olsen invited me back for another episode, but they are now up on Spotify for those who care to tune in! Both episodes (and we are aiming for this to be the case with all episodes) are under 20 minutes in length and focus on three key areas: BUSINESS, COMMUNITY & GOVERNMENT. He's even added a Production Assistant to the team (Hi, Alex!) giving us a little help in the behind-the-scenes department so we can now start cranking these out each week in hopes to give some "real time" information to the public. This second episode talked more about upcoming Small Business Saturday with some shopping ideas with local retailers like Fitzgerald's Boutique and Al's Sport Shop.The City of Santee also has a birthday coming up next week and have some really fun ways you can celebrate throughout the day with them!
    If you're a Chamber member who wants a business shoutout - send me a quick email and let me know; I'd love to work you into our next business segment. I hope you follow along and listen but more importantly, I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving.