• Santee Chamber Weekly Update 18NOV20

  • Hello Santee!
    Another week passed in this crazy year... San Diego County is back in the State's Purple Tier and we still don't have all of our election results. How do we take these circumstances that are out of our control and make them into something more worthwhile? Although I don't have all the answers, I do have what I think is a fun new endeavor. For those of you who know John Olsen, you know he's very well-rooted in Santee. As my former boss at the Chamber, he understands so much of what I do on a day-to-day basis and why communication and connectivity to your community is so important. After John left the Chamber for other career opportunities, it didn't take long for him to realize that a new calling in real estate was a great fit for him. I think ultimately John wants to be helpful to people and he found the immediate reward in helping families as they purchase some of their most important investments: Homes for their families to live, grow and love together in. But with real estate agents abound in San Diego, they each get to offer something unique to their clients: their personalities! In this case, John offers plenty of that... he's known for starting a Facebook group called Santee Update where he took his connections from the Chamber and leveraged his ability to get the right information for current events and broadcast it online to interested viewers. He loves local business (again, thank you Chamber career!) and is often boasting about the mom and pop shops around town, boosting their visibility. If you follow him on social media, you may even call him a bit of a foodie. He's out in Santee and around the county trying local cuisine, giving menu recommendations and often even asking followers: Can you guess what/where I'm eating? It's so fun, in fact, we partnered on a page in the Chamber's publication of The Santee Magazine where he highlights restaurants and other business openings.
    Needless to say, my working relationship, turned friendship, turned working relationship again has been interesting with him! Having coffee at the same time at the same place last week kept in the spirit of our overlapping work and personal lives... John and I sat together and talked about how important it is to be communicating right now - at home with family members, at work with some much having gone virtual, and with our clients. For me, my clients are our members and the potential clients are the other businesses in town. John has been wanting to start a podcast since early this year, but when COVID hit, like many other projects, it went to the backburner. After a quick conversation, John and I came up with a quick outline on what the podcast should include and why these things are important to Santee. It was simple: BUSINESS, COMMUNITY, GOVERNMENT. We decided to partner up and he's allowing me to be the regular guest on his new "Santee Update" podcast so we can give weekly updates on these three topics. You might see some information here in my weekly updates that you then hear about there as well, but if I've learned anything about communication, it's that saying it once is never enough! We did a test run to learn how to use some equipment this week and I'm looking forward to sitting down with John again next week, recording our session, and sharing it with you all in hopes to keep Santee a little more updated!