• Santee Chamber Weekly Update 18FEB21

  • Hello Santee!
    I am always aware of how wonderful it is to live and work in a community where business relationships turn into friendships. There is a wave of young professionals around town and within our region who are my colleagues, my teachers, my motivation and my friends. These people are the catalyst, conveners and champions for a stronger Santee and they live out the mission of their work through their everyday being.
    We are pretty lucky... in fact, we are lottery winners if you think about it. We have the support and guidance of the generation above us showing us how they've done things in their day mixed with the childhood we came from where technology was an expectation and pivoting to adapt to change was considered normal. My friend Bree from the City of Santee is the best example of such: she has mentors galore (having been with the City since she was 16), yet she now has the experience and knowledge to create new paths for our town that combine her education with her innovation. Thank you to Bree, for taking on new challenges and not just accepting them, but handling them with grace, poise and with care and concern for the almost 60,000 residents and thousands of businesses. I always enjoy my time with you and hearing about what's on deck for Santee.