• Santee Chamber Weekly Update 17DEC20

  • Hello Santee!
    If you are a member of our Chamber, this week you received a copy of the letter which was sent to our Governor, State Senator, Assemblyman, County Supervisor, Mayor and City Council from our Chamber along with over 80 other Chambers and Business Organizations in California. This letter was drafted out of frustration on our end after seeing, yet again, the mistreatment of our small business community under state regulations dropped down during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I urge you to read the letter (can be found in “News” section of our website) and take action yourself. Contact our local elected officials and voice your stories of how these closures have impacted you and your business.
    On a lighter note, I wanted to give a quick thank you to San Diego County Credit Union. During these crazy times, they didn’t forget to spread their fair share of holiday cheer. Much to my delight, I received a sweet gift they had delivered this week and it is very appreciated! With many of us working from home or in a new hybrid office model, it was so thoughtful of them to reach out in advance to see where we were for the holidays. They not only brightened our day, but did so by ensuring they made their delivery with no hassle, getting directly to us on the first attempt. I imagine if they are this good at gift giving, their banking service can only be the same and so much more! Thank you again, gifts are one of my love languages and I certainly always love hearing from members.