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  • Santee Chamber Weekly Update 16OCT20

  • Hello Santee!
    As we near closer and closer to the election, I've heard from many people around town on how they are voting and what really matters to them. For me, it's a personal privilege to vote and I've been proud to do so since turning 18. Working at the Chamber has broadened my views, not only on candidates seeking seats but also on issues and the direct impacts they have on our community, and more specifically our businesses. This year our Chamber brought back a Political Task Force, set into motion due to being in an election year but in my hopes, something that will stay intact in addition to our Government Affairs Committee. Together, these two channels of our Chamber provide not only direct access to our elected officials, but a team of dedicated, business-minded individuals who research and review the important information that will come before us on our ballots. I realize there are many views on candidates and measures we see come before us, and I don't suspect we will all magically vote in the same way... but what I also realize, is that we are in a time where it's incredibly crucial to stand up for what you believe in. As the only business organization in town, we believe in business. We want each and everyone of you to grow and thrive, helping our local economy and continuing to provide value to our residents. With that, it's not hard for me to say we have taken a stance on Measures N, Q and R and endorsed candidates which we believe will best serve our businesses in town. If you are a member of our Chamber, you were mailed a list of these voting recommendations, and for any other interested parties, you can see them in our Press Release found HERE. As for me, I was invited to film a promotional video for No on N and it felt good to be a part of something I believe to be best for business in Santee. (Thanks to Mission Realty Group for offering a location for the filming crew.)