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  • Santee Chamber Weekly Update 14FEB19

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    February 14, 2019
    Hello Santee!
    The rain has returned to Santee and it’s a great reason to be thankful. Living in Southern California we know how precious rainfall truly is. This past fall I completed the Citizens Water Academy offered through the San Diego County Water Authority and it gave me a huge education on our local water sources and a newfound appreciation for those who work in the industry. It can be easy to forget San Diego is a desert and I was shocked to find out we had less annual rainfall than Tucson! I loved being in a classroom that went beyond my expectations with field-trips to dams and water facilities around the county I wouldn’t otherwise be able to visit. With the roadways wet today, I hope for you all to be more cautious than usual to keep yourself safe, as well as those around you. Rainy days often feel more inviting for that extra cup of coffee, that warm soup from a local restaurant, a moment of reflection as you listen to the rare sound of the rainfall, or a perfect excuse to stay desk-bound for the day and hammer out a few extra items on your task list. Whatever it is that the rain brings for you, I hope it is nourishing and fruitful.
    Speaking of nourishing, I found myself back at 52 East Eatery on Tuesday for my favorite burger in town (AM All Day, sans bacon – don’t judge me!) and conversation with someone who fills my cup in more ways than one: Melissa Dombo (see picture below). Melissa is many great things, but here are a few basics: She is the behind-the-scenes marketing/branding guru for her husband’s second-generation Santee business, Raceway Electric & Solar, she is a mom of two who previously attended school with my two (which is how we originally crossed paths), and she is a Director on our all-volunteer board which exists to govern, guide and lead our Chamber into the right direction for the future of Santee. Although we met because of our kids, we have become friends because of the Chamber; something I value much more than waving to her from across campus from time to time. Melissa mentioned yesterday how important it is for our teenage sons to surround themselves with like-minded people. I agree SO MUCH for them and for us all, actually. Growing older I’ve learned how imperative it is to work hard towards the person I want to be. The best way for me to become this person is to immerse myself into a sea of others with traits I admire and wish to emulate. I knew right away Melissa was one of these people. As we talked about ideas of branding for companies, I couldn’t help but think of how she’s subliminally helped me brand myself. I want more for myself because I deserve it. I deserve it because I am willing to work hard for it. I’m willing to work hard because I’m inspired by others. Choosing these people around me has directly benefited who I am and what my values are for myself and the way I do business. If you have these kind of people in your life, let them fill your cup. And since we are often told to stock our goods away for a “rainy day”, I hope you find a cup for someone else which you can fill as well. 
    Happy Valentine's Day ❤ 
    Kristen Dare, CEO
    (619) 449-1515