• Santee Chamber Weekly Update 10NOV22

  • Sometimes we have business visits that come with perks. Last week, holding a ten day old bunny was among those perks for me. But on a grander scale, it was a lovely visit back to the sister-businesses of FURology and PURRology on Cuyamaca Street. Their CEO, Lindsey, was kind enough to take me behind the scenes of her operation. Starting with just Furology, she was known in town for having a successful grooming business where animals were treated as well as humans who go into salons for high-end services. 


    After several successful years of Furology's grooming services (and more space becoming available in the same shopping center!) they expanded and created a complimentary business for boarding and grooming needs for cats and small animals, hence the bunny being onsite for me to snuggle! As we get the last issue of The Santee Magazine off to print and ready for mailboxes before Thanksgiving, be sure to have your eye out for more on these two businesses!