• Santee Chamber Weekly Update 10DEC20

  • Hello Santee!
    This week has been quite the rollercoaster as the stay-at-home orders for Southern California came into effect on Monday. What does this mean for us? Well, as residents maybe not much has changed. As business owners, they are faced (yet again) with a hurdle to jump and I hope they all make it over... this pandemic has caused irreversible damage on our business community and we need to help. I urge you to contact our local Senator, requesting help now to assist small business, the community and employees by supporting a second economic relief package now! You can easily do so here: https://jones.cssrc.us/e-mail-senator
    The Santee Chamber is partnering with a coalition of other California Chambers and business leaders to speak out on behalf of our small businesses who continue to be treated unfairly. I am thankful to consider many of these colleagues friends, one being local Chamber CEO in Oceanside, Scott Ashton. Scott and I met through chamber training courses but I quickly realized his adaptable and go-getter attitude is one I could learn from. Just as the Santee business community needs support from their chamber, we need to support each other as we can navigate together, making our voices louder and stronger as we fight for more. Thank you, Scott, for spearheading efforts for our region and including Santee along the way. And a special thanks to Tracy Lawler at Pacific Islander Beer Company for the book I was finally able to pass along to Scott - your gift was much appreciated.