• Santee Chamber Weekly Update 05NOV20

  • Hello Santee!
    I love the phrase “ride or die". I often hear it applied to people in friendships or personal relationships and I too have caught myself using it among friends. Luckily for me, a lot of people I work with aren’t just business associates, but also friends. We have shared interests and hobbies and all have similar visions for what we want Santee to become. Mike Aiken at Carlton Oaks is one that I am now able to call a friend. A few years ago, we didn’t even know each other. He retired from the San Diego Police Department and wanted to find a “hobby job” around town that would keep him busy. Boy did he EVER! It’s hard to go to the golf course and not be directly impacted by the efforts Mike has personally put into the property. His casual hobby job has become a true labor of love as he quickly became John Chen’s righthand man. He understands the importance of community and what it means to be Santee’s home course, constantly immersing himself into role after role in town to see how he can keep the Oaks connected in every way possible. He serves in the local Rotary Club, is an active member of COMPOC via the City and of course my favorite role of his, is also a Director on my board for the Chamber. I have yet to go to him with a request he isn’t willing to fulfill or a task he can’t take on. These are the volunteers we dream of as Chamber executives, by the way! After joining our board, he quickly jumped into several committees offering his time, talent and resources to me and our organization.
    After months on end of only having virtual meetings and activities, we are finally hosting an in-person event this Friday and I couldn’t be more excited. Our second annual Veterans Appreciation Golf Tournament is sold out and ready to honor some local heroes! We are so proud to have sponsors like Lennar come in to help us partner with our local American Legion and VFW to show support for our Vets. Have we had to change our format, our safety regulations and adhere to additional guidelines to get it done? Well absolutely – this is 2020 after all (the YEAR which will live in infamy). Mike (a Veteran himself!) and I had a great committee involved in getting this off the ground. It goes to show that two heads are better than one and so on, as we all had to brainstorm around new regulations to make sure we host a safe and responsible event. A huge thanks to Sarah WoodDoug Whitney, Dean Velasco and Kris Shannon for all your help! But I have to say, Mike’s above and beyond effort to make sure this was a success has placed him into “ride or die” status for me. I’m thankful to have all these people as business associates through my amazing job, and better yet, as friends. Looking forward to a beautiful day on the course tomorrow to kick off a time of year where we celebrate those who have served, our Veterans.