• Santee Chamber Weekly Update 04DEC20

  • Hello Santee!
    A friend recently shared an article with me titled “Why Shopping Local Matters”. I read it and every single word resonated with me. I know how tempting it is to use the easy online shopping tools available to us all. It’s quick, easy, pretty reliable and honestly, probably an app on our phones with our banking and shipping information already inputted. However, keeping your dollars in your hometown has other advantages that are just as important, even if they’re not immediately apparent. In the next issue of The Santee Magazine we print, I will share this again along with some major points from the article which I could not find truer and more important in these times. But right now, I am asking the business community of Santee to help me help you.
    The Santee Chamber has revamped a Shop Santee program that I am asking you all to participate in. Keeping our dollars local is always important, but now more than ever as we have seen our normalcies become memories and our state potentially giving businesses MORE restrictions, your money matters. To kickstart this campaign, we need local businesses to sign up. It's easy, it's free and it encourages buyers to do exactly as it says, "Shop Santee". If you own or manage a local retail business or restaurant in town, the sign up process takes minutes, the redemption side for the consumer is a matter of an app, and you are paid on a 2-day rolling basis. BECOME A MERCHANT HERE.
    If you are a local resident and want to help support our businesses, check our website as we update the list of the participating merchants and consider purchasing an e-gift card that can be used at any of those retailers or restaurants. This can be a holiday gift, or just a way to support our local economy with money you'd already be spending.