• Santee Chamber Weekly Update 01AUG19

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    August 01, 2019
    Hello Santee!
    Over the weekend I was a guest at the Concert at the Lakes. For those who love live music (usually classic rock), great food, and a fun atmosphere with great people, this event is for you! The event was held on Lake 5 at Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve and organized by the Santee-Lakeside Rotary Club and the Santee Lakes Foundation; these two local non-profits have been partnering for several years to create this premier event in town and celebrated their tenth anniversary of the concert this past Saturday. I had such a blast running into friends and colleagues and enjoying the cover bands playing the mega-hits of Tom Petty and Journey. Although some of you may have already seen the photo of me from that evening in matching outfits with a pal (AGAIN, and AGAIN unplanned!), I wanted to share the only image captured that night of me with Dustin Trotter. I popped down between Dustin and Andrew Hayes for a few minutes and was thankful Rotarian Elana Levens-Craig was handy and never shy taking plenty of photos and she enjoys everything and everyone around her. 
    Although Dustin has grown up in Santee and started a business here many moons ago, it was only a few years back when he and I first crossed paths. He walked into the Chamber and joined at the highest level available with little questions asked. When we inquired about his interest in our organization he simply stated he wanted to start giving back to the community that has given him so much. Shortly after, I saw his name pop up around our church as he plunged into ministries and volunteer work at Guardian Angels where his wife Genny had grown up and her parents were also still quite active. I kept seeing Dustin popping up all around town (kind of like when you buy a new car and then suddenly notice that vehicle constantly!). My husband Brandon and I hired him/TDT Construction for a small window project at home and then quickly started tacking on projects with him as each one came to an end. After thousands of dollars spent with his business, there was still no where else we wanted to turn when it came to upgrading our home. It's been so much fun to have work relationships blend and become friends with the people you hire, but Dustin has been that and so much more to us. I could write so much more about the involvement Dustin has in and around our community, but instead, I encourage you to reach out to him personally, greet him online, or just shake his hand the next time you see him around town - I promise he'll be happy you said hello. 
    Kristen Dare, CEO
    (619) 449-1515