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  • Santee Chamber Weekly Update 17OCT19

  • Hello Santee!
    Many of us have had the pleasure of purchasing a home in town, some of you, several times! For my husband and I, we are still in our “starter” home, totally loving the neighborhood we inherited and the amazing friends we’ve made, a stone’s throw away. We have an unofficial neighborhood watch when we leave town, a safe environment for our kids to play in the street, and caring people who have been there for our family during our hardest times. Although we sometimes fantasize about the next house, we’ve made some amazing memories as we’ve plugged away at enhancing ‘this old house’.
    Our neighborhood was built in 1959 and had the famous Santee cracked slab to make us REALLY feel like new homeowners! Although that was repaired while in escrow, the house needed attention in many other areas and we wasted no time on updating some of the looks of the interior. We hired Dustin Trotter at TDT Construction for a job here, a job there, and what ended up becoming a total overhaul in certain parts of our home. We were so thankful to have a contact from the Chamber who became a family friend in the process. Home repairs are not usually cheap and sometimes the jobs around the house transfer into stress in your family dynamic. We found ourselves at ease throughout Dustin’s process, knowing he would handle anything that we were up against and guide us through with care. 
    Recently we were able to experience the same kind of joy with Adam Alison of Alison Construction. Adam and I have been friends since our elementary school days at Cajon Park, then remained pals through high school at Santana, and even both became parents for the first time the same year. Knowing someone well and entrusting them with home projects is easy, but not everyone is as lucky as we are to have a personal rolodex of almost every trade under the sun! This is where the Chamber steps in. Trust us. Trust our recommendations. Adam’s level of professionalism and attention to detail is something every person hopes for when they hire a contractor. Sometimes these jobs come from friends, a phone book (maybe not anymore!), an ad you see somewhere… but the best hire is someone who is a personal referral connecting you to a business they know and trust. Alison Construction will forever be that for me – I know him, I trust him, his work is good, clean, fair priced and honest. When you’re looking down the road for your next Santee family contractor, look no further than the Santee Chamber – we have you covered!